From a Republican friend comes this horrific news:

Rep Kathleen Taylor, Franconia, phone: 823-8158, filed a motion Monday to reconsider HB415 on April 8th when the full house reconvenes. HB415 is also known as the “Bathroom Bill”. It adds gender identity and expression to the language of the Human Rights Commission laws RSA 354. FYI: If you were to be brought before the commission on descrimination charges you would not be entitled to a jury.


The 2009 House Republican Alliance report card came out today, and my state representatives have lower scores than the temperatures up here:

Rep. James Aguiar | 21% Ranking
Rep. Carol Friedrich | 28% Ranking

Some of the most notorious bills these reps have voted for:

1) The infamous NH “Bathroom Bill”

2) 15% Gas Tax Hike

3) Legalizing Gay Marriage

4) Massive Spending Increases that have given us a soon-to-be $500 million budget deficit. When you read “budget shortfall” from the media types, just know that that means “overspending.”

Readers will need Microsoft Word (who doesn’t have that, seriously?) to view the just-released 2009 House Republican Alliance Scorecard:

[Click Here:]

The personal opinions on the issue of gay marriage are not going to be rehashed here, though if readers want, those views can be found here.
This post is just an informative thread designed to show how some Republicans stacked up on the gay marriage legislation:

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Republicans who supported gay marriage on both votes:

Bergin, Peter
Dokmo, Cynthia
Gleason, John
Gould, Kenneth
Holden, Frank
Lockwood, Priscilla
Messier, Irene
Millham, Alida
Pilliod, James
Pratt, Calvin
Vaillancourt, Steve

Republicans who didn’t vote (I think Jenn had to work…):

Bailey, Clinton
Coffey, Jennifer
Hagan, Joseph
Maiola, Anthony
Pepino, Leo
Sanders, Elisabeth
Stiles, Nancy
Van Patten, Don
Veazey, John
Williams, Burton

Democrats who opposed gay marriage on both votes:

Berube, Roger
Buco, Thomas
Butynski, William
Campbell, David
Cote, David
DeStefano, Stephen
Donovan, Thomas
Gagnon, Raymond
Haley, Robert
Hofemann, Roland
Ingersoll, Paul
Jeudy, Jean
Katsiantonis, Thomas
Kelley, John
LaPlante, Roland
Lewis, Robert
Movsesian, Lori
O’Neil, James
Pilotte, Maurice
Preston, Philip
Rhodes, Brian
Roberts, Kris
Rosenwald, Cindy
Shaw, Kimberly
Soucy, Timothy
Sprague, Dale

Democrats who didn’t vote:

Andersen, Gene
Brown, Jennifer
Carlson, Nancy
Farley, Michael
French, Barbara
Goley, Jeffrey
Hodges, Kevin
Howard, Doreen
Hutz, Sarah
Komi, Richard
Lerandeau, Alfred
Matarazzo, Anthony
Matheson, Robert
Moody, Marcia
Norelli, Terie
Poznanski, Brian
Preston, Mark
Rokas, Theodoros
Russell, Joseph
Schmidt, Peter
Tupper, Frank


Source: NH Republican Liberty Caucus

For those curious to see how the good guys are doing in Concord, visit:

I think the site for the Democrats is I could be wrong.

NH = Massachusetts Jr.?

March 9, 2009

Democrats in Concord are pushing a gas tax (like their friends in Mass did just a week ago) and a $10 saltwater fishing license, according to the Union-Leader today (Joe McQuaid’s humrous editorial on P A8 has the details.)

The more the Democrats spend and legislate, the more New Hampshire becomes a “Massachusetts Jr.”

And that is not a good thing.

Seriously. Hiking gas taxes 15-cents in this economy? We’re getting used to under-$2 gas prices. What the heck?

GOP Chairman John H. Sununu had this to say about the Democrats’ gas tax hike:


CONCORD — Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on the Democrats’ gas tax proposal:

“This week the ‘tax and spend’ Democratic leadership in the New Hampshire House passed a 15-cent per gallon tax increase. This action by those Democrats illustrates Governor Lynch’s inability to get the members of his own party to follow his agenda in the Legislature.

During his first bid for re-election in 2006, the Governor made his opposition to a gas tax increase one of centerpiece the issues of his campaign. Yet despite his pledge to stand firm against any attempt to raise the tax, Governor Lynch was either unwilling or unable to stop the House Democrats from passing this disastrous legislation.

It important for the Governor to urge Democrats in the New Hampshire Senate to join the Republicans in stopping this tax increase which he himself opposes. The last thing the legislature should be considering during these tough economic times is raising taxes. Any discussion about addressing the financial standing of the state highway fund should focus on reforms and cost saving strategies – not increasing revenues on the backs of the taxpayers.”

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