The 2009 House Republican Alliance report card came out today, and my state representatives have lower scores than the temperatures up here:

Rep. James Aguiar | 21% Ranking
Rep. Carol Friedrich | 28% Ranking

Some of the most notorious bills these reps have voted for:

1) The infamous NH “Bathroom Bill”

2) 15% Gas Tax Hike

3) Legalizing Gay Marriage

4) Massive Spending Increases that have given us a soon-to-be $500 million budget deficit. When you read “budget shortfall” from the media types, just know that that means “overspending.”


Note: this list was made available before Marilinda Garcia‘s special election primary win on March 24, but she carries an A ranking from her previous term in Concord.

FYI, here are the 2008 NH Liberty Alliance grades for Rockingham 4 Reps. Details & votes used are at
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Salem Rockingham District 4
Bedrick, Jason (R) A+
Belanger, Ronald (R) C+
Bettencourt, David (R) A
Dalrymple, David (R) A
DiFruscia, Anthony (R) F
Elliott, Robert (R) C+
Garcia, Marilinda (R) A
Griffin, Mary (R) B
Ingram, Russell (R) A
McMahon, Charles (R) B+
Pearson, Mark (R) B
Priestley, Anne (R) B
Waterhouse, Kevin (R) Inc

Source: Denis Goddard