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Ya know, speaking as solely the 28-year-old single SnowRevolt.com publisher, I think my county treasurer is pretty darn hot attractive:

Bikini Clad Grafton County Treasurer Vanessa Sievers Posts New Facebook Profile Picture

If you have been following this blog you will already know that our Grafton County Treasurer, Vanessa Sievers, does not show up regularly to sign weekly checks. Recently, we visited Sievers Facebook page and noticed a new profile picture. Yes, our very own Grafton County Treasurer has THIS new photo up on her Facebook page.
The recent change almost made us fall off our chairs and spit out our cornflakes! Obviously, missing a few check signings at the county wasn’t the only thing she did for spring break. If you have a Facebook account, I urge you to check out the new and improved Facebook photo for Vanessa Sievers. It will certainly raise a few eyebrows.
Oh, and Vanessa, if you are reading this…. so is your good friend Register of Deeds, Bill Sharp. Yikes! Now that’s just gross.

LOL. The Take Back Orford, NH Blog has this to say about Grafton County’s accidental county treasurer:

Top 25 Reasons Why Treasurer Sievers Can’t Make it To The County Offices to Sign Accounts Payable

The Offices of Grafton County operate very efficiently. They do an accounts payable run every week and payroll every two weeks. It is the job of the county treasurer to sign these checks every week. Since taking office on January 7th, 2009 our County Treasurer, Vanessa Sievers, has only showed up to signed checks TWICE. Yep, not only does Ms. Sievers not show up for Commissioners and Executive Committee meetings, she also does not show up to sign County checks. Well, my imagination has run wild with possible excuses that she could be using. So, I thought that I would put a list together and help her out. You are welcome to post additional excuses under the blogsite’s “Comments” or you may E-mail me at: takebackorfordnh@gmail.com

Treasurer Sievers’ Excuse List (for all I know, some of them may be have been used already):

1. What baloney! The Dartmouth Mirror obviously misquoted me when they wrote that I said that I would be in twice a week. I said once a MONTH! This is not my week to come in! http://thedartmouth.com/2008/11/14/mirror/spotlight/

2. We must have a miscommunication. My boyfriend said that he would call you guys to let you know that I am e-mailing my budget report. Harold Brown will answer all your questions in my absence.

3. Bill Sharp told me that he is basically in charge of everything at the Grafton County office complex and that there were no checks to be signed this week. We are going to meet in Lebanon for lunch instead.

4. Oh my god! Michael Cryans obviously misinformed me. There is a real communication gap here. He led me to believe that this week was Barak Obama’s Birthday and that the county was closed this Thursday.

5. Didn’t Commissioner Richards tell you? She is taking me to the “Hug A GITMO Bay Inmate Day” today.

6. Karen Liot Hill, my personal adviser, told me that this wasn’t really a serious job and that I could take time off as needed for my classes.

7. Harold Brown told me he would sign the checks this week. WHAT? He can’t? I had no idea.

8. What? Director Clough was out with pneumonia all week? Hmm, that’s must be why I didn’t get my weekly e-mail reminder.

9. Noooooo, I don’t read the Valley News, how would I know that I was supposed to come in to sign checks this week.

10. OMG! I, like, totally have a conflict in my work schedules. Can payroll wait until next week?

11. I just spoke to John Chamberlain and he assured me that my duties didn’t include signing checks.

12. I came in on Tuesday for the Commissioners meeting. Isn’t THAT enough?

13. Thursday??? I thought we changed it to Wednesday! Humpf! Commissioner Cryans and Richards led me to believe that you would CHANGE the day of check signing to accommodate my class schedule.

14. You know, I am tired today. It’s not like I can be FIRED. Neither the Commissioners nor the Executive Committee has any authority over me. So, I am just going to stay home whenever I choose. Yawn.

15. You know what? I am thinking of resigning this week so I won’t be in to sign checks.

16. Guess what?! I am no longer thinking of resigning anymore, but, upon the advice of Carol Fredrich, I booked a flight for spring break and won’t be in for the next 2 weeks.

17. The Republican’s gave me the ‘flu.

18. WHAT? It’s payroll today? Well I can’t make it as I am delayed at Gallatin Field Airport in MONTANA.

19. There must be some type of miscommunication here, like, I KNOW I e-mailed you guys forty times.

20. Didn’t my friends call you? I suffered a major concussion and couldn’t make it in on Thursday to sign checks.

21. Obviously you are mistaken. This week was last week and next week would be this week. So I won’t be in to sign checks.

22. Are you sure you geezers don’t suffer from memory loss? I e-mailed you to let you know that I FORGOT about the checks this week.

23. Listen, I can’t sign checks today, it’s a religious holiday for me.

24. I really can’t make it in this Thursday, could you just e-mail the checks to me?

25. You must be kidding me! Since you can’t e-mail the lousy checks just MAIL all of them to me for signing and I’ll mail them back. Geez!

26. I am NOT in over my head. I had a meeting with Laurie Harding, Franklin Gould, Gene Anderson and Susan Almy this week and they ALL told me not to listen to what anyone says about me. So, I’ll be ignoring all phone calls, e-mails and check signings in the future.

27. Jim Aguiar told me that I received federal funding through Obama’s new stimulus package to hire someone to sign the checks, so I won’t be in again. Ever.


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