Grafton County Treasurer’s New Facebook Photo

April 1, 2009

[Below’s Post c/o Take Back Orford, NH Blog] 🙂

Ya know, speaking as solely the 28-year-old single publisher, I think my county treasurer is pretty darn hot attractive:

Bikini Clad Grafton County Treasurer Vanessa Sievers Posts New Facebook Profile Picture

If you have been following this blog you will already know that our Grafton County Treasurer, Vanessa Sievers, does not show up regularly to sign weekly checks. Recently, we visited Sievers Facebook page and noticed a new profile picture. Yes, our very own Grafton County Treasurer has THIS new photo up on her Facebook page.
The recent change almost made us fall off our chairs and spit out our cornflakes! Obviously, missing a few check signings at the county wasn’t the only thing she did for spring break. If you have a Facebook account, I urge you to check out the new and improved Facebook photo for Vanessa Sievers. It will certainly raise a few eyebrows.
Oh, and Vanessa, if you are reading this…. so is your good friend Register of Deeds, Bill Sharp. Yikes! Now that’s just gross.

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