Bathroom Bill Makes a Scary Comeback…

April 1, 2009

From a Republican friend comes this horrific news:

Rep Kathleen Taylor, Franconia, phone: 823-8158, filed a motion Monday to reconsider HB415 on April 8th when the full house reconvenes. HB415 is also known as the “Bathroom Bill”. It adds gender identity and expression to the language of the Human Rights Commission laws RSA 354. FYI: If you were to be brought before the commission on descrimination charges you would not be entitled to a jury.


2 Responses to “Bathroom Bill Makes a Scary Comeback…”

  1. Vicki said

    Thanks to Kathleen, if this change in legislation to HB 415 passes, I will be uncomfortable going to public restrooms and keeping my todddler in diapers until he’s 20! Being female (with no identity crisis now or ever), the most I worry about in a public restroom is someone stealing my purse. Now I have to worry about someone ABUSING a gender identity law and peeping through the cracks into my stall without any protection from state! Thanks Kathleen. You are insenstive to every single mother in NH. As mothers we have ENOUGH on our plate to worry about right now. PLEASE do not add to our concerns.

  2. Vicki,
    Please start to display better parenting or you will begin to give straight parents a bad name.

    HB415 doesn’t place you at any greater risk of abuse in a public restroom than you currently experience. You clearly lack any awareness of what this bill does and does not permit. That may not be totally your fault. Those who have worked so hard to squash this bill have used all lies and scare tactics, and they have been successful. Under HB 415, no sexual predator would be protected in any way.

    About your son. He will be crazier than you, and in therapy or badly in need of it, if you don’t get him out of diapers on time.

    Studies demonstrate that most sexual abuse is done by family members or others that children already know. Most sexual abuse and domestic violence against women happen in the home or by family members or (supposed) loved ones. A public restroom is the last place you need to worry about.

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