New Hampshire Bathroom Bill Makes a Comeback

March 28, 2009

[Source: Cornerstone Policy Research Center]

One day after changing their minds on a “reconsideration” vote to pass Genderless Marriage, the House will now be “reconsidering” the Bathroom Bill!!
Representative Kathleen Taylor, of Franconia (, 823-8158) having voted against the bill yesterday, filed for reconsideration of the measure this morning allowing the vote to be taken again and possibly reversed, much like the genderless marriage bill.

As was apparent by the vote yesterday (172-157), many of the legislators had already left for the day when the vote was taken.  The supporters of this bill apparently believe that they will have the votes to OVERTURN this when the full House meets again on April 8.

CPR Executive Director, Kevin Smith, issued the following statement to the press:

“What an egregious act to reconsider this vote when there has been so much public outrage over this issue.  We thought we had seen the end of the House’s assault on New Hampshire families after they voted to change the definition of marriage yesterday, but apparently that was not enough for them.  Now, instead of focusing on issues like the budget or putting people back to work, the legislature will once again be  focusing on genderless bathrooms and genderless marriage.  It is such a bizarre corruption of priorities – it simply defies logic.  New Hampshire citizens have a right to be outraged over these developments.”

“Furthermore, I guess this is how this House operates – when they do not like the outcome of the first vote, they simply press the “RESET” button until they find enough representatives to change their votes.”

Cornerstone will have additional information regarding this vote and other votes on Monday.

FAQ Answer: House rules allow any Representative who votes on the prevailing side of an issue, can ask for “reconsideration” of that vote after the vote has been taken.


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