The Truth About Tony DiFruscia

March 19, 2009

State Representative Tony DiFruscia is no Republican. He’s a former Democratic state representative from Massachusetts. Source:

::: Political Chowder :::

Rep. Tony DiFruscia
NH State Representative
Show appearances: Mar. 23, 2008

Anthony R. DiFruscia was born in Lawrence, MA on June 5, 1940.  He attended St. Mary’s Grammar School and Central Catholic High School, where he was voted Best Speaker and Most Popular.

He then went on to graduate from Emerson College in Boston.  While at Emerson, Tony was voted “Man of the Year” by Phi Alpha Tau fraternity.  He was in the “Who’s Who” in the American Colleges and University for his debating skills and other national publications.

After graduating from New England School of Law, Tony was elected that year as one of the youngest members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  He started a law practice in 1967 which has now grown to 10 lawyers. The firm is managed by Tony and his wife, Kathleen.

In 1998 Tony was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives and presently serves on the Judiciary Committee.

He has four children and five grandchildren.

He was also the 10th vote in today’s New Hampshire State House committee that tied up the gay marriage legislation (my personal viewpoints on “marriage licenses” can be found here), but will his constituents forgive him for that vote? Not sure…


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