NHGOP | Democrats’ ‘Bathroom Bill’

March 13, 2009

From the state chairman of the NH Republican Party:

For people who think I have been too tough on the Democrats by accusing them of ruining New Hampshire, to understand my criticism you don’t need to look any further than the recently proposed HB415 “Bathroom Bill” as well as Governor Lynch’s attempt to raid the Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Associating Plan to understand my criticism. These actions serve as reminders of the radical agenda being pushed by the Democrat Leadership in Concord that threatens to damage New Hampshire’s special quality of life and government structure.
This week a house judiciary subcommittee voted along party lines to advance the Bathroom Bill to the full committee. The legislation, which makes changes to existing laws, grants universal access to public restrooms based on individual’s preferred “gender-related identity, appearance, expression, or behavior of an individual.” This would allow an individual to legally choose if they would like to use a men’s restroom or women’s restroom based purely on their own personal preferred gender – regardless of their actual biological gender.

The Democrat’s Bathroom Bill is a radical assault on personal privacy that poses, at the least, an undue level of discomfort on users of public facilities and at the worst a mischief risk for families who utilize public restrooms facilities across New Hampshire. It’s about time that Governor Lynch shows some backbone and stands up to the extreme liberals that dominate the Democrat leadership in the New Hampshire House and Senate. He should publicly denounce and commit to veto egregious pieces of legislation like the Bathroom Bill before they reach his desk
A second example of the Democrats disastrous agenda is Governor Lynch’s attempt to take money from the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association Plan and use it to balance the budget. The fund consists of premiums and payments from doctors that were intended to provide stability to the medical malpractice insurance market. In the event that the plan was to have a surplus, New Hampshire regulations clearly states that it shall “repay members for assessments previously levied.”

Legal opinions can’t make this kind of expropriation justifiable. This is private money, not state revenue, and any attempt by the Governor to use it to fund the operations of state government amounts to nothing more than the theft of private property. If they are to succeed in these efforts to pocket this money from New Hampshire’s doctors what is to stop them from taking money from other groups to balance future budgets?

John H. Sununu

So, let me get this straight. Money that isn’t the government’s property is being raided to pay down the overspending (the media call that a “shortfall”) that Gov. Lynch and the Democrats in the two chambers have caused, and yet that money isn’t to be touched? And that’s not stealing?


One Response to “NHGOP | Democrats’ ‘Bathroom Bill’”

  1. LOL… “No officer, I’m not “just a dude in the ladies’ washroom”,

    “…I’m a lesbian.”


    Although, really, I think that the issue is perhaps being a little “blown” out of proportion. Public restrooms can already be gross places with strange gender overlaps. (Just ask tapdancers like Larry Craig, or innocent victims like Louis CK, who simply need a little space to stretch out while they lay some cable.) The best thing is to tolerate oddities and abnormalities, preserve the right to make fun of them, and play each situation by ear, while banning force and obscene displays in any bathroom.

    It’s there so you can answer nature’s call, not so you can do naked jumping jacks.

    Naked jumping jack guys/girls and gay glory-hole afficionados of all sexes should probably be arrested, don’t you think? (No matter which restroom they’re in, or which they belong in.) …So long as the long arm of the law doesn’t have any nearby murders or rapes to solve, and so long as there isn’t any nonconsensual touching going on. (When it gets elevated to touching someone who didn’t want to be touched, then it’s sexual assault, ESPECIALLY if the person is in the “RIGHT” bathroom.)

    Personally, I don’t think I’d mind so much if I was “molested” by a beautiful woman in the wrong restroom, as if I was molested by a “beautiful man” who was in the “right” restroom.

    I seriously believe that Johnny Law has better things to worry about than “checking peepees” at restroom doors. The big downside of this Democrat’s bill seems to encourage that kind of behavior where there wasn’t any real controversy before. Prior to this, if a shemale went into the ladies room, and was arrested for doing so, it would probably have been thrown out of court anyway, unless it was because they were unjustly targeted by law enforcement. –After all, “How would they know?”.

    The way I see it, it breaks down like this: People who look like they’re in the wrong place but are actually in the right place are asked to show their peepee to a law officer. How obscene! (To both the individual and the officer).

    And that raises another question: Is a gay man with no balls and no dick and the physical appearance of a woman in the right place in the woman’s restroom? This reminds me of quote in a primus song “Maybe you’re messed up because you found out your girlfriend used to be a guy, I don’t know”. The law should really be concerned with the proper use of force. In a free market, freaks are tolerated, and possibly pointed out as people who have a lot more barriers to entry to the mainstream job market than people who look like conformists.

    …We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. Desperately holding on to the illusion of a world where there are no freaks or abnormalities is bound to disappoint a lot of people.

    Let them be disappointed. But let government also avoid sticking its noses into situations that were working just fine as nature/life/evolution intended.

    The law should only be called when there’s a situation that nature/life/evolution didn’t intend: A dead body.

    My prior statement is not calling gender benders the result of higher evolution, except that higher evolution fills niche markets. We are all the product of nature’s higher evolution. Let’s start acting like the result of 50 million years of trial and error, leaving both Jesus and Michael Jackson out of the electoral process.

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