Carol Shea-Porker

March 9, 2009

The Monday, March 9 issue of the Union-Leader takes Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porker to task for how much money some of her district’s police departments are receiving care of the federal largess.

“Is it really the federal government’s job to train and equip local police departments?”

It is if you want your police to be arms of the federal government (I’d hate to see the strings attached on this funding…)

That was a question the UL had when they reported on Page A8 that Shea-Porker supplied local police departments with federal pork-barrel spending.

For example, the UL Editorial Board listed these:

+ $125,000 – Rochester Police Dept’s “training equipment.”
+ $105,000 – Portsmouth Police Dept.’s “digital radio encryption.”
+ $80,000 – Portsmouth PD’s “evidence equipment.”
+ $235,000 – Dover PD’s “equipment and training.” is a supporter of law enforcement, but encroaching federal involvement is definitely a reason to scrutinze…


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