The 2009 House Republican Alliance report card came out today, and my state representatives have lower scores than the temperatures up here:

Rep. James Aguiar | 21% Ranking
Rep. Carol Friedrich | 28% Ranking

Some of the most notorious bills these reps have voted for:

1) The infamous NH “Bathroom Bill”

2) 15% Gas Tax Hike

3) Legalizing Gay Marriage

4) Massive Spending Increases that have given us a soon-to-be $500 million budget deficit. When you read “budget shortfall” from the media types, just know that that means “overspending.”


Readers will need Microsoft Word (who doesn’t have that, seriously?) to view the just-released 2009 House Republican Alliance Scorecard:

[Click Here:]

Note: this list was made available before Marilinda Garcia‘s special election primary win on March 24, but she carries an A ranking from her previous term in Concord.

FYI, here are the 2008 NH Liberty Alliance grades for Rockingham 4 Reps. Details & votes used are at
<a href=”

Salem Rockingham District 4
Bedrick, Jason (R) A+
Belanger, Ronald (R) C+
Bettencourt, David (R) A
Dalrymple, David (R) A
DiFruscia, Anthony (R) F
Elliott, Robert (R) C+
Garcia, Marilinda (R) A
Griffin, Mary (R) B
Ingram, Russell (R) A
McMahon, Charles (R) B+
Pearson, Mark (R) B
Priestley, Anne (R) B
Waterhouse, Kevin (R) Inc

Source: Denis Goddard

[Source: Cornerstone Policy Research Center]

One day after changing their minds on a “reconsideration” vote to pass Genderless Marriage, the House will now be “reconsidering” the Bathroom Bill!!
Representative Kathleen Taylor, of Franconia (, 823-8158) having voted against the bill yesterday, filed for reconsideration of the measure this morning allowing the vote to be taken again and possibly reversed, much like the genderless marriage bill.

As was apparent by the vote yesterday (172-157), many of the legislators had already left for the day when the vote was taken.  The supporters of this bill apparently believe that they will have the votes to OVERTURN this when the full House meets again on April 8.

CPR Executive Director, Kevin Smith, issued the following statement to the press:

“What an egregious act to reconsider this vote when there has been so much public outrage over this issue.  We thought we had seen the end of the House’s assault on New Hampshire families after they voted to change the definition of marriage yesterday, but apparently that was not enough for them.  Now, instead of focusing on issues like the budget or putting people back to work, the legislature will once again be  focusing on genderless bathrooms and genderless marriage.  It is such a bizarre corruption of priorities – it simply defies logic.  New Hampshire citizens have a right to be outraged over these developments.”

“Furthermore, I guess this is how this House operates – when they do not like the outcome of the first vote, they simply press the “RESET” button until they find enough representatives to change their votes.”

Cornerstone will have additional information regarding this vote and other votes on Monday.

FAQ Answer: House rules allow any Representative who votes on the prevailing side of an issue, can ask for “reconsideration” of that vote after the vote has been taken.

Dear Friend,

Let me get right to the point.  There are two special Legislative elections in April, and the New Hampshire Republican Party needs your financial support today to win those races.

On Tuesday, April 21, voters in State Senate District 3 go to the polls to elect a new Senator.  Our candidate is Jeb Bradley.  Tuesday, April 28, is election day in Salem and Windham when voters will choose a new member of the House.  Marilinda Garcia is our candidate.

Jeb and Marilinda are great candidates who share our principles of low taxes, limited government, local control, and personal responsibility.

The liberal Democrats in the State House are ruining New Hampshire with their San Francisco social agenda and Massachusetts tax and spend economic agenda.  They sponsored legislation to make public bathrooms genderless and same-sex marriage legal.  They have proposed an 8% death tax, increasing the gas tax by 15 cents per gallon, and raising the rooms and meals tax!

It is up to us to defeat the radical agenda of the Democrats.  We can begin to turn the tide by winning the two special elections.

We need Jeb and Marilinda in Concord, but we must have your help to make it happen.

Can I count on you to please make as generous a financial contribution as you can to the New Hampshire Republican Party right now? No amount is too small, and every dollar is critical.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


John H. Sununu
NH Republican State Committee

The personal opinions on the issue of gay marriage are not going to be rehashed here, though if readers want, those views can be found here.
This post is just an informative thread designed to show how some Republicans stacked up on the gay marriage legislation:

<blockquote><font color=red>

Republicans who supported gay marriage on both votes:

Bergin, Peter
Dokmo, Cynthia
Gleason, John
Gould, Kenneth
Holden, Frank
Lockwood, Priscilla
Messier, Irene
Millham, Alida
Pilliod, James
Pratt, Calvin
Vaillancourt, Steve

Republicans who didn’t vote (I think Jenn had to work…):

Bailey, Clinton
Coffey, Jennifer
Hagan, Joseph
Maiola, Anthony
Pepino, Leo
Sanders, Elisabeth
Stiles, Nancy
Van Patten, Don
Veazey, John
Williams, Burton

Democrats who opposed gay marriage on both votes:

Berube, Roger
Buco, Thomas
Butynski, William
Campbell, David
Cote, David
DeStefano, Stephen
Donovan, Thomas
Gagnon, Raymond
Haley, Robert
Hofemann, Roland
Ingersoll, Paul
Jeudy, Jean
Katsiantonis, Thomas
Kelley, John
LaPlante, Roland
Lewis, Robert
Movsesian, Lori
O’Neil, James
Pilotte, Maurice
Preston, Philip
Rhodes, Brian
Roberts, Kris
Rosenwald, Cindy
Shaw, Kimberly
Soucy, Timothy
Sprague, Dale

Democrats who didn’t vote:

Andersen, Gene
Brown, Jennifer
Carlson, Nancy
Farley, Michael
French, Barbara
Goley, Jeffrey
Hodges, Kevin
Howard, Doreen
Hutz, Sarah
Komi, Richard
Lerandeau, Alfred
Matarazzo, Anthony
Matheson, Robert
Moody, Marcia
Norelli, Terie
Poznanski, Brian
Preston, Mark
Rokas, Theodoros
Russell, Joseph
Schmidt, Peter
Tupper, Frank


Source: NH Republican Liberty Caucus

Marilinda Garcia completely destroyed her three Republican opponents in the March 24 primary and will now face Democrat Sheila Murray on April 21.

The vote totals:

Garcia – 742
Jim Holland – 272
Ed DeClerq – 32
Donna Mauro

The district is in the southern part of NH, which comprises the towns of Salem and Windham.

Garcia served once before in Concord before a Democratic tidal wave flushed out a few good men – and women  – on the Good Guys (GOP) side last year.

Full Disclosure: SnowRevolt contributed and supported Garcia in the race.


Confirmation of Ronald Kirk to be U.S. Trade Representative – Vote Confirmed (92-5, 2 Not Voting)

On Wednesday, Ron Kirk was confirmed as U.S. Trade Representative.

Sen. Judd Gregg voted YES……send e-mail or see bio
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen voted YES……send e-mail or see bio

Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 – Vote Passed (77-20, 2 Not Voting)

The Senate passed this package of legislation related to public lands, national parks and water development.

Sen. Judd Gregg voted YES……send e-mail or see bio
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen voted YES……send e-mail or see bio

Recent House Votes
Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act – Vote Passed (321-105, 6 Not Voting)

The House passed this bill to reauthorize and reform national service programs.

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter voted YES……send e-mail or see bio

To impose an additional tax on bonuses received from certain TARP recipients – Vote Passed (328-93, 10 Not Voting)

The House passed this bill that would enact an additional income tax on bonuses given to employees or former employees of companies that received Troubled Assets Relief Program money.

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter voted YES……send e-mail or see bio
Confirmation of Ronald Kirk to be U.S. Trade Representative – Vote Confirmed (92-5, 2 Not Voting)

On Wednesday, Ron Kirk was confirmed as U.S. Trade Representative.

Sen. Judd Gregg voted YES……send e-mail or see bio
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen voted YES……send e-mail or see bio

Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 – Vote Passed (77-20, 2 Not Voting)

The Senate passed this package of legislation related to public lands, national parks and water development.

Sen. Judd Gregg voted YES……send e-mail or see bio
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen voted YES……send e-mail or see bio

Recent House Votes
Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act – Vote Passed (321-105, 6 Not Voting)

The House passed this bill to reauthorize and reform national service programs.

Rep. Paul Hodes voted YES……send e-mail or see bio

To impose an additional tax on bonuses received from certain TARP recipients – Vote Passed (328-93, 10 Not Voting)

The House passed this bill that would enact an additional income tax on bonuses given to employees or former employees of companies that received Troubled Assets Relief Program money.

Rep. Paul Hodes voted YES……send e-mail or see bio

Just something to spur discussion, debate and ultimately, thread through search engines so that others who are researching the NH judiciary can do the same.

From the NH GOP:

State Representative
Rockingham District 4

Primary Election – Tuesday, March 24
Special Election – Tuesday, April 28

State Senate
District 3

Special Election – Tuesday, April 21

Back where I’m from (Dallas, TX), we call papers like The Hippo “alternative press” outlets, but anyway, The Hippo has a full-fledged feature article on NH State GOP Chairman John Sununu: click here to read it.

I can’t wait for 2010’s elections after reading that piece.

We’ll see just how the taxpayers in the Live Free or Die state support this experimentation in socialism that we’ve been handed by the Lynch Mob.

The Republican Party primary in Salem/Windham features four candidates. The lone Democrat is waiting for us on April 28, I do believe.

Marilinda Garcia, Salem (23 School Street) 03079
Donna Mauro, Windham (18 Simpson Road) 03087
James E. Holland, Jr., Salem (7 Spicket Lane) 03079
Edward DeClercq, Salem (5 Playcamp Road) 03079

The lone Democrat to file:

Sheila Murray, Salem (11 Darryl Lane) 03079

Full Disclosure: is backing Garcia

More Info:

Does anyone else notice the irony that Revolutionary War hero Samuel Adams is also a great tasting beer, that he launched the Boston Tea Party, and people from his home state of Tax -er – Massachusetts are moving to New Hampshire in droves?

April 15, there are a few tea parties going on around New Hampshire. SnowRevolt will catch the one in Plymouth before making its way down to Manchester.

We’ll dump tea while drinking Sam Adams. Who’d have thought!

The best way to “re-brand” the Republican Party is to get rid of the liberals in the party that keep doing things that make us look like Democrats.

National GOP chairman Michael Steele obviously has no regard to Goldwater/Reagan conservatives:

March 23, 2009
Categories: RNC Chair
Steele defends union contribution

Michael Steele has been taking a little heat for the RNC’s accepting $15,000 from the National Education Association, the biggest teachers’ union in the country, with a candidate for Governor of New Jersey, Steve Lonegan, demanding he return it.

“What’s next? Accepting money from the National Abortion Rights Action League, Handgun Control, Gay Marriage PACs and George Soros?” Lonegan asked.

An RNC official, speaking on background, defended Steele’s education reform credentials.

“As one of the most outspoken advocates for school choice in the Republican Party, Michael Steele’s credentials on conservative education reform are very strong and well-documented,” the official said.

(with Ken Vogel)

By Ben Smith 03:41 PM
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State Representative Tony DiFruscia is no Republican. He’s a former Democratic state representative from Massachusetts. Source:

::: Political Chowder :::

Rep. Tony DiFruscia
NH State Representative
Show appearances: Mar. 23, 2008

Anthony R. DiFruscia was born in Lawrence, MA on June 5, 1940.  He attended St. Mary’s Grammar School and Central Catholic High School, where he was voted Best Speaker and Most Popular.

He then went on to graduate from Emerson College in Boston.  While at Emerson, Tony was voted “Man of the Year” by Phi Alpha Tau fraternity.  He was in the “Who’s Who” in the American Colleges and University for his debating skills and other national publications.

After graduating from New England School of Law, Tony was elected that year as one of the youngest members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  He started a law practice in 1967 which has now grown to 10 lawyers. The firm is managed by Tony and his wife, Kathleen.

In 1998 Tony was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives and presently serves on the Judiciary Committee.

He has four children and five grandchildren.

He was also the 10th vote in today’s New Hampshire State House committee that tied up the gay marriage legislation (my personal viewpoints on “marriage licenses” can be found here), but will his constituents forgive him for that vote? Not sure…

For those curious to see how the good guys are doing in Concord, visit:

I think the site for the Democrats is I could be wrong.

Ok, so the headline was SnowRevolt’s, not the chairman of the state GOP, but hey, if it made you laugh, it was definitely worth it.

For people who think I have been too tough on the Democrats by accusing them of ruining New Hampshire, to understand my criticism you don’t need to look any further than the recently proposed HB415 “Bathroom Bill” as well as Governor Lynch’s attempt to raid the Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Associating Plan to understand my criticism. These actions serve as reminders of the radical agenda being pushed by the Democrat Leadership in Concord that threatens to damage New Hampshire’s special quality of life and government structure.

This week a house judiciary subcommittee voted along party lines to advance the Bathroom Bill to the full committee. The legislation, which makes changes to existing laws, grants universal access to public restrooms based on individual’s preferred “gender-related identity, appearance, expression, or behavior of an individual.” This would allow an individual to legally choose if they would like to use a men’s restroom or women’s restroom based purely on their own personal preferred gender – regardless of their actual biological gender.

The Democrat’s Bathroom Bill is a radical assault on personal privacy that poses, at the least, an undue level of discomfort on users of public facilities and at the worst a mischief risk for families who utilize public restrooms facilities across New Hampshire. It’s about time that Governor Lynch shows some backbone and stands up to the extreme liberals that dominate the Democrat leadership in the New Hampshire House and Senate. He should publicly denounce and commit to veto egregious pieces of legislation like the Bathroom Bill before they reach his desk.

A second example of the Democrats disastrous agenda is Governor Lynch’s attempt to take money from the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association Plan and use it to balance the budget. The fund consists of premiums and payments from doctors that were intended to provide stability to the medical malpractice insurance market. In the event that the plan was to have a surplus, New Hampshire regulations clearly states that it shall “repay members for assessments previously levied.”

Legal opinions can’t make this kind of expropriation justifiable. This is private money, not state revenue, and any attempt by the Governor to use it to fund the operations of state government amounts to nothing more than the theft of private property. If they are to succeed in these efforts to pocket this money from New Hampshire’s doctors what is to stop them from taking money from other groups to balance future budgets?

John H. Sununu

Wonder what his constituents think of this?

Marriage Equality Bill Makes It Out of Committee

by: Dean Barker

Tue Mar 17, 2009 at 18:56:49 PM EDT

I get emails.  I found this inside one sent from the State House:

House Bill 436, allowing gay marriage, 10-10, will go to the House with no recommendation, Judiciary Committee;

The full House meets again next Tuesday (this week is dominated by committee work).

For more on this landmark bill, see the expert himself, Rep. Jim Splaine, who says the bill will come to a vote on that first House meeting next Tuesday.

And for still more, here’s the text of the bill, including this summary:

This bill eliminates the exclusion of same gender couples from marriage, affirms religious freedom protections of clergy with regard to the solemnization of marriage, and provides a mechanism by which same gender couples who have entered into a civil union prior to the enactment of this bill may obtain the legal status of marriage.

Now would be a great time to contact your Representatives on this.

Update: Jim fleshes out the Judiciary vote in the comments:

Of the 11 Dems, 9 supported the bill:  Reps. Brendon Browne of Dover, Paul Hackel of Nashua, David Nixon of Manchester, Fran Potter of Concord, Gary Richardson of Hopkinton, Bob Thompson of Manchester, Janet Wall of Madbury, Rick Waltrous of Concord, and Lucy Weber of Walpole.  One Republican, Tony DiFruscia of Windham, was the 10th supporter.We did lose two Democrats, each of whom I respect so I won’t say anything negative about their votes.  Of those who spoke in defense of the bill, I have to single out Gary Richardson and Lucy Weber, each of whom did much to make the Civil Unions Law a reality two years ago.  Bob Thompson, a first-termer from Manchester, was also extra-fantastic.

From a very reliable source who is helping a Republican state representative 😉

LOL. The Take Back Orford, NH Blog has this to say about Grafton County’s accidental county treasurer:

Top 25 Reasons Why Treasurer Sievers Can’t Make it To The County Offices to Sign Accounts Payable

The Offices of Grafton County operate very efficiently. They do an accounts payable run every week and payroll every two weeks. It is the job of the county treasurer to sign these checks every week. Since taking office on January 7th, 2009 our County Treasurer, Vanessa Sievers, has only showed up to signed checks TWICE. Yep, not only does Ms. Sievers not show up for Commissioners and Executive Committee meetings, she also does not show up to sign County checks. Well, my imagination has run wild with possible excuses that she could be using. So, I thought that I would put a list together and help her out. You are welcome to post additional excuses under the blogsite’s “Comments” or you may E-mail me at:

Treasurer Sievers’ Excuse List (for all I know, some of them may be have been used already):

1. What baloney! The Dartmouth Mirror obviously misquoted me when they wrote that I said that I would be in twice a week. I said once a MONTH! This is not my week to come in!

2. We must have a miscommunication. My boyfriend said that he would call you guys to let you know that I am e-mailing my budget report. Harold Brown will answer all your questions in my absence.

3. Bill Sharp told me that he is basically in charge of everything at the Grafton County office complex and that there were no checks to be signed this week. We are going to meet in Lebanon for lunch instead.

4. Oh my god! Michael Cryans obviously misinformed me. There is a real communication gap here. He led me to believe that this week was Barak Obama’s Birthday and that the county was closed this Thursday.

5. Didn’t Commissioner Richards tell you? She is taking me to the “Hug A GITMO Bay Inmate Day” today.

6. Karen Liot Hill, my personal adviser, told me that this wasn’t really a serious job and that I could take time off as needed for my classes.

7. Harold Brown told me he would sign the checks this week. WHAT? He can’t? I had no idea.

8. What? Director Clough was out with pneumonia all week? Hmm, that’s must be why I didn’t get my weekly e-mail reminder.

9. Noooooo, I don’t read the Valley News, how would I know that I was supposed to come in to sign checks this week.

10. OMG! I, like, totally have a conflict in my work schedules. Can payroll wait until next week?

11. I just spoke to John Chamberlain and he assured me that my duties didn’t include signing checks.

12. I came in on Tuesday for the Commissioners meeting. Isn’t THAT enough?

13. Thursday??? I thought we changed it to Wednesday! Humpf! Commissioner Cryans and Richards led me to believe that you would CHANGE the day of check signing to accommodate my class schedule.

14. You know, I am tired today. It’s not like I can be FIRED. Neither the Commissioners nor the Executive Committee has any authority over me. So, I am just going to stay home whenever I choose. Yawn.

15. You know what? I am thinking of resigning this week so I won’t be in to sign checks.

16. Guess what?! I am no longer thinking of resigning anymore, but, upon the advice of Carol Fredrich, I booked a flight for spring break and won’t be in for the next 2 weeks.

17. The Republican’s gave me the ‘flu.

18. WHAT? It’s payroll today? Well I can’t make it as I am delayed at Gallatin Field Airport in MONTANA.

19. There must be some type of miscommunication here, like, I KNOW I e-mailed you guys forty times.

20. Didn’t my friends call you? I suffered a major concussion and couldn’t make it in on Thursday to sign checks.

21. Obviously you are mistaken. This week was last week and next week would be this week. So I won’t be in to sign checks.

22. Are you sure you geezers don’t suffer from memory loss? I e-mailed you to let you know that I FORGOT about the checks this week.

23. Listen, I can’t sign checks today, it’s a religious holiday for me.

24. I really can’t make it in this Thursday, could you just e-mail the checks to me?

25. You must be kidding me! Since you can’t e-mail the lousy checks just MAIL all of them to me for signing and I’ll mail them back. Geez!

26. I am NOT in over my head. I had a meeting with Laurie Harding, Franklin Gould, Gene Anderson and Susan Almy this week and they ALL told me not to listen to what anyone says about me. So, I’ll be ignoring all phone calls, e-mails and check signings in the future.

27. Jim Aguiar told me that I received federal funding through Obama’s new stimulus package to hire someone to sign the checks, so I won’t be in again. Ever.